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Nutrition Services:

General Health

Weight Loss

Weight Gain

Endurance and Sports Specific

Special Populations and Diets

Meal Planning

Grocery Shopping

Corporate Wellness:

Exercise Instruction and Classes

Body Mechanic and Ergonomics Training

Wellness Lectures and Talks on various topics

Corporate Wellness Planning

Small Group Training (3-100+ participants):

All Options Listed Above

Skype Training and Distance Training:

I am available for several types of distance training including Skype, FaceTime, and several other personal training specific software platforms


Body Composition Assessments for individuals, groups, and corporations

Endurance and Cardiovascular Testing for sports specific or general health

Body Mechanic Assessments

Personal Training Modalities:

Weight loss

General Health Improvement

Corrective Exercise

Goal and Success Coaching

Stability, Power, and Strength Conditioning

Endurance and Multi-Sport Coaching

Sports Specific

Outdoor Training and Excursions

Myofacial Release and Flexibility Training

Body Mechanics

Golf Fitness

Senior Fitness

Obesity for Adults

Obesity for Children


This a sampling of services I can offer. Please contact me with your specific needs and we'll develop a plan to meet them. The following list is not exhaustive of what I can offer. I have been in this industry for a number of years and have had contact and training in many different disciplines. If I personally am not the fit for your success I have a world of other professionals in my circle that may be. I am grateful for the people in my life that have been there for me. I want to make sure you have that same experience. promethean fitness foundation training promethean fitness foundation training. foundation training in santa barbara. personal training in santa barbara. personal training sean yeager-diamond in Santa Barbara